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Wood Textures

Wood Textures

On the subject of materials, wood is commonly used in kitchens, however, in order to add a more attractive visual effect, opting for wood textures make a more interesting interior statement. While stained and painted woods are still very popular, you can use grainy wood textures on your kitchen island or even on cabinet hardware.

Clean Coated Designs

Clean Coated Designs

Kitchen interiors without the presence of ruffles become much more durable and strong designs with clean lines can also be introduced, such as horizontal cabinet pulls. These pieces allow for a more elegant demeanor and you should pay attention if your kitchen hardware also matches the finish of your appliances for a complete and cohesive look.

Colorful Accents

Colorful Accents

There are so many ways you can release this vitality. You don't necessarily have to rule out an all-white kitchen, however, try to show off more colorful accents, be it in furniture, appliances, flooring, or even window treatments, cabinets, and paintings.

Trendy Interior Design Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Makeover

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When it comes to kitchen renovation, it doesn’t matter if you intend to make small or big changes, one has to prepare in advance. 2020 is the perfect year to do it, as numerous interior design trends are making a comeback or becoming the perfect addition to modern kitchens.

Homeowners can go for subtle changes like painting a wall or cabinets in a cool coat or just swapping out their light fixtures, however they can go for more creative adjustments if as a way to

make their kitchen feel more inviting, from the introducing cutting edge hardware designs to mixing all types of metals in one space, as well as adding a bit of color throughout.

Marble or quartz hardware

As for the interior design, both materials go very well with natural wood details or brass details, bringing opulence and superior style to the interiors. While the most conventional use for them would be on a countertop, backsplash, or accessories, perhaps you can switch a bit and opt for decorative hardware products that are adorned in bold, lightly-veined hues of marble or polished nature quartz.

Home Design on a Budget

Whether we like to hear it or not, many changes we experience in life are a good thing. For many, there comes a point in time where we are left feeling uninspired with our surroundings and feel the need to alter its appearance in order to cater to our creative needs at that moment. While introducing new artwork, unique wall décor, or chic furniture sounds like the perfect route to follow when updating a space in our home, many of these home improvement option can get pricey. With that being sa

id, let’s take a look at a few options to pursue that will give our home the makeover it needs without breaking the bank.

Beds are usually the main focus of any bedroom and its style can really set the tone of your space in an instant. However, a bed can be a costly item to update between the headboard, bed frame, mattress, or even duvet cover. Start your bedroom redesign by adding smaller items to the room with decorative throw pillows on your bed, a chic nightstand alarm clock, or framed artwork hung over your headboard to spice up the style. When revamping a dreary area in our home, it’s important to follow the ‘less is more approach’, especially when we’re on a budget. Sometimes little touches of unique décor will bring about the design and mood we’re looking to achieve.

For any bathroom or kitchen in your home, the best way to not only add style but also add value to your home is with lighting fixtures. While you’re shopping for items that fit your budget consider switching to eco-friendly fixtures as this will save you a chunk of change on future energy bills. In addition, energy efficient task lighting cuts down on the amount of energy our home has to use on a daily basis as it illuminates one area at a time while we work around the kitchen or bathroom.…

A splash of color is a great idea

In a luxurious house design, to have the Colorful House Interior is a great idea. There have been many people apply

that kind of idea. However, here we have a great colorful idea that can be applied in the inside of the house. That is about the usage of the colorf

ul decorating idea. This time, the colorful idea that has been applied is not the other house design that has such design.

However, it will be very different because of a new idea. If you are curious, you can enjoy these pictures below. In the first picture, there is a great home theater design. That home theater design is very interesting because it has great lighting ideas. The lighting ideas that have

been applied in that Colorful House Interior Design is in the yellow color. It looks very interesting.

Besides that, the multimedia entertainment system in that house is also finished with the great shelving unit. That shelving unit that has been applied in that room is very unique and striking because of a new idea. It has a wooden material usage. The usage of the wooden material in that home theater is very striking and unique because of the combination of the various colors.

In the next picture, there is a very interesting bedroom design. The bedroom design and ideas that have been applied in that room have various colors. They are the purple color, white color, as well as yellow color. The combination of those colors is very interesting. Besides that, the lighting ideas in that house are in the great ideas as well. That is a modern and unique look. That bedroom has a very comfortable bedding unit as well. These ideas are very striking. This idea of Colorful Home Interior Design is very creative and unique.

Modern Bathroom With Style

Design of bathroom that has modern style will be able to look more artistic by applying design of bathtub that has unique style such unique bathtub design that is applied perfectly in a bathroom design project of Unique Bathtub and Shower Combo Designs for Modern Homes. It had been done successfully by decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN to create a special design of modern bathroom that has an artistic impression.

Shower bathroom that is completed with design of bathtub will be able to look more elegant and artistic by applying unique design of white bathtub that is placed together with design of shower bathroom that is decorated elegantly by using glass material.

Black natural stone decoration is applied perfectly to design wall in this bathroom design so it will be able to create an exotic impression of bathroom that is designed artistically. Design of the wall is as unique bathroom décor that is applied in modern bathroom.

Design of sink that also has futuristic and unique style is made by using glossy ceramic material in this bathroom design. This sink design will be able to look more interested to be combined with design of wall that has dark color theme.

Redwood material design is also used to design glass window frame so it will be able to create an elegant design of glass window design.

Style of bathroom that uses little tile design will also be able to create an artistic impression of modern bathroom. It is also applied perfectly in this project to create a design of bathroom that has a special decoration style.

Design of white bathtub that is combined with minimalist and elegant vanity design actually will be able to create unique bathroom themes that look so artistic and modern with elegant style of stainless faucet applied.…

Enchanting Cottage Model Built in the Middle of Pinewoods

Built in the middle of pinewoods, the Cottage Model is really embracing natural nuance for main decoration. In addition, since there are no other cottages or shacks built around it, the cottage is looked so enchanting. In addition, made from pine wood material, the decoration of this cottage is so adorable for living place.

For main material, pinewood is so suitable for living place in the hall because it makes the house warmer. With duplex floor plan applied as main building, the triangle rooftop plan is so suitable for main rooftop plan. In addition, the pinewood material is very easy to be applied for both exterior and interior decoration.

Hence, as Cottage Model Homes, the pinewood material is so compact to be applied along with vintage furniture. However, the vintage furniture is looked so classy because it has adorable outlook with finest material used as main material. Indeed, the main material for the vintage furniture is silk and satin material. Thus, living in this cottage must be so warm since pinewood and authentic furniture are applied as main interior design.

Glass panels that are covered by wooden shutters are looked so enchanting since the glass panels are used as view nook media from interior part of the cottage. To make the cottage becomes warmer, authentic material is also applied for the wall ornament which is brown rug.

Indeed, the brown rug is looked so enchanting because it is perfectly covering the wooden floor. Leather suede sofa that is placed facing the glass panels are indeed really making the interior design of the cottage becomes so enchanting.

With checkered carpet applied as main wall ornament in the kitchen, the modern furniture, such as kitchen cabinet and storage are looked so adorable. In addition, with glossy countertop for kitchen islands, the interior design of this cottage is more complete. Therefore, for Cottage Model Plans, this cottage is the most enchanting living space built in the middle of pinewoods.

Contemporary Large Residence Design Made in Luxurious Impression

Large house building is a kind of building design that will be able to be modified contemporarily and luxuriously by applying a concept of large residence design such that had been reflected perfectly in a project of Strong Geometry Shaping the Exterior of the Birds Nest Residence in Arizona.

This large residence style had been created perfectly by freshome Design & Architecture which it will be able to design and decorate house living that has a large appearance to look more luxurious.

Large area in a house yard in a beside position of a house building had been modified elegantly by making a design of elegant outdoor swimming pool that had been modified in a luxurious impression. This large yard design will look more comfortable by adding a decoration of floor surrounding the swimming pool by using gray color design. Actually it will become a part of large home plans that looks so luxurious and elegant.

Soft green color design of water had by water in the swimming pool actually will create a luxurious impression of outdoor swimming pool that had been made in this project. In addition, modern and elegant decoration surrounding swimming pool will make a design of outdoor view to look more contemporary in its design style.

In addition, natural yellow color design of lamp decoration applied in this house will make style of house living to look more stunning and natural. It also becomes a positive value of design in this project.

Natural design of garden that had been modified in a modern and luxurious impression is also made in this project. It is created by applying small stone decoration that is combined with cactus plant decoration that had been arranged artistically with other plant decorations.

Actually it will make a concept of outdoor garden to look more modern, artistic and luxurious such design of large luxury home plans that had been applied perfectly in a house interior.…

3 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But it is possible that when you get home, the interior design is not set to relax. In this post we propose 3 tips for our home to provide us with that much-needed calm.

Use A Soothing Color Palette

Try designing your home around soothing colors like greens, blues and lavenders as well as whites and warmer neutrals. For example, the color blue could lower your heart rate and blood pressure, directly providing a greater sense of calm. We can incorporate the colors in textile elements, vinyl rugs or painting the walls.

But above all the color palette at home we must like. Don’t set everything a pale green just because it’s supposed to relax you, as if you hate it, you’ll probably get the opposite effect.

Add Indoor Plants

Adding plants to interior design has a function beyond beautify. In addition to being natural air filters and humidifiers, multiple studies have shown that being around plants has a calming effect on people. One study suggests that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress” after people who worked with indoor plants reported feeling “more comfortable and relieved.” As long as indoor plants do not cause allergies for any of the family members, they will act as a natural painkiller.

Create A Tech-Free Zone

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly half of Americans are “constant checkers,” which means they are constantly monitoring their emails, messages, social media, and more on different devices, primarily the mobile phone. Consequently, “this attachment to devices and constant use of technology is associated with higher levels of stress.”

So a place at home where being able to digitally detox is key to being relaxed. The bedroom is an ideal area to leave it out of technology, since the blue light of the devices can affect sleep. And the dining room is another area in which to skip technology in favor of a quiet meal.…

5 Minimalist Style Tips in Interior Design

As interior designers and with the qualified experience that characterizes us, we will talk to you about the minimalist style in interior design. The minimalist trend has permeated contemporary life and is positioned today as one of the strongest trends in interior design. With the implementation of few elements, a very open space, and the use of light, color, and form, in a very sober and elegant way, powerful spaces that convey peace are achieved.

In our work as interior designers and using minimalist style ideas, we concentrate on taking care of the most punctual details and analyze the space so that the result is a place that meets the requested requirements and in accordance with new design trends. . It is important to highlight that we have a team of professionals who are experts in architectural projects who handle architecture and interior design in an integral way and meeting the expectations of our clients.

Before we go into the subject and introduce you to what are the minimalist style tips in interior design, we must first define what minimalism is. In architecture, minimalism highlights space, materials and light, as sufficient elements to fill a space with content, which is thus defined based on the minimum use of resources, where the whole results from the combination of the parts. Minimalism always highlights simplicity in each of its forms.

Some of the characteristics of the minimalist style in interior design are the pure colors in the design; the balance, sobriety and elegance of the minimalist design are perceived as peace, tranquility and purity.

The minimalist design takes care of the profuse implementation of elements; it is based on the recognition of the proper values ​​of each element such as texture, color, material, quality and temperature.

With the previous ideas raised and as interior designers in Bogotá, we present the most important tips when planning minimalist spaces.

  • Project the desired location.
  • It will be important that you define your lifestyle or your customs and the activities that you carry out daily, so that the dialogue with the designed space can flow. Every detail will be significant: combination of colors, spatial qualities, materials, functional arrangement, quality of light, etc. The initial proposal will result from this first reading with the client.
  • Establish the minimum conditions of comfort and layout of the functional space.
  • The space will be for your enjoyment, so it is essential to fill it with meaningful content for you. Likewise, it is important to define the space available for each element, so that the room does not look cluttered or cluttered; remember that minimalism inspires peace and tranquility.
  • Take care of all the details of the space: light, texture, tonality, proportion.
  • Each of the characteristics of the place must make a game of combinations in harmony. In minimalism, each piece is the protagonist and the occasional strong color will be imposing against all the warm tones that are common in this decoration style.
  • Include simplicity in each of the elements that define the space.
  • Simple accent pieces are often very common in minimalism; natural flowers, furniture made of natural material such as wood or stone and thus, simple elements that when put together in a space, make the decoration the most sober and beautiful integration of the place.
  • Define the spatial composition that results in a sophisticated and elegantly minimalist design.
  • Each piece should have a place to stand out, depending on its angle, its color or the special tone that the light gives it. As interior designers in Bogotá, we study the space with its specific measurements and we arrange each element strategically located to have the prominence and elegance it deserves. In minimalism, every element is essential and no piece is out of place.