3 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But it is possible that when you get home, the interior design is not set to relax. In this post we propose 3 tips for our home to provide us with that much-needed calm.

Use A Soothing Color Palette

Try designing your home around soothing colors like greens, blues and lavenders as well as whites and warmer neutrals. For example, the color blue could lower your heart rate and blood pressure, directly providing a greater sense of calm. We can incorporate the colors in textile elements, vinyl rugs or painting the walls.

But above all the color palette at home we must like. Don’t set everything a pale green just because it’s supposed to relax you, as if you hate it, you’ll probably get the opposite effect.

Add Indoor Plants

Adding plants to interior design has a function beyond beautify. In addition to being natural air filters and humidifiers, multiple studies have shown that being around plants has a calming effect on people. One study suggests that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress” after people who worked with indoor plants reported feeling “more comfortable and relieved.” As long as indoor plants do not cause allergies for any of the family members, they will act as a natural painkiller.

Create A Tech-Free Zone

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly half of Americans are “constant checkers,” which means they are constantly monitoring their emails, messages, social media, and more on different devices, primarily the mobile phone. Consequently, “this attachment to devices and constant use of technology is associated with higher levels of stress.”

So a place at home where being able to digitally detox is key to being relaxed. The bedroom is an ideal area to leave it out of technology, since the blue light of the devices can affect sleep. And the dining room is another area in which to skip technology in favor of a quiet meal.

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