5 Minimalist Style Tips in Interior Design

As interior designers and with the qualified experience that characterizes us, we will talk to you about the minimalist style in interior design. The minimalist trend has permeated contemporary life and is positioned today as one of the strongest trends in interior design. With the implementation of few elements, a very open space, and the use of light, color, and form, in a very sober and elegant way, powerful spaces that convey peace are achieved.

In our work as interior designers and using minimalist style ideas, we concentrate on taking care of the most punctual details and analyze the space so that the result is a place that meets the requested requirements and in accordance with new design trends. . It is important to highlight that we have a team of professionals who are experts in architectural projects who handle architecture and interior design in an integral way and meeting the expectations of our clients.

Before we go into the subject and introduce you to what are the minimalist style tips in interior design, we must first define what minimalism is. In architecture, minimalism highlights space, materials and light, as sufficient elements to fill a space with content, which is thus defined based on the minimum use of resources, where the whole results from the combination of the parts. Minimalism always highlights simplicity in each of its forms.

Some of the characteristics of the minimalist style in interior design are the pure colors in the design; the balance, sobriety and elegance of the minimalist design are perceived as peace, tranquility and purity.

The minimalist design takes care of the profuse implementation of elements; it is based on the recognition of the proper values ​​of each element such as texture, color, material, quality and temperature.

With the previous ideas raised and as interior designers in Bogotá, we present the most important tips when planning minimalist spaces.

  • Project the desired location.
  • It will be important that you define your lifestyle or your customs and the activities that you carry out daily, so that the dialogue with the designed space can flow. Every detail will be significant: combination of colors, spatial qualities, materials, functional arrangement, quality of light, etc. The initial proposal will result from this first reading with the client.
  • Establish the minimum conditions of comfort and layout of the functional space.
  • The space will be for your enjoyment, so it is essential to fill it with meaningful content for you. Likewise, it is important to define the space available for each element, so that the room does not look cluttered or cluttered; remember that minimalism inspires peace and tranquility.
  • Take care of all the details of the space: light, texture, tonality, proportion.
  • Each of the characteristics of the place must make a game of combinations in harmony. In minimalism, each piece is the protagonist and the occasional strong color will be imposing against all the warm tones that are common in this decoration style.
  • Include simplicity in each of the elements that define the space.
  • Simple accent pieces are often very common in minimalism; natural flowers, furniture made of natural material such as wood or stone and thus, simple elements that when put together in a space, make the decoration the most sober and beautiful integration of the place.
  • Define the spatial composition that results in a sophisticated and elegantly minimalist design.
  • Each piece should have a place to stand out, depending on its angle, its color or the special tone that the light gives it. As interior designers in Bogotá, we study the space with its specific measurements and we arrange each element strategically located to have the prominence and elegance it deserves. In minimalism, every element is essential and no piece is out of place.

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