Contemporary Large Residence Design Made in Luxurious Impression

Large house building is a kind of building design that will be able to be modified contemporarily and luxuriously by applying a concept of large residence design such that had been reflected perfectly in a project of Strong Geometry Shaping the Exterior of the Birds Nest Residence in Arizona.

This large residence style had been created perfectly by freshome Design & Architecture which it will be able to design and decorate house living that has a large appearance to look more luxurious.

Large area in a house yard in a beside position of a house building had been modified elegantly by making a design of elegant outdoor swimming pool that had been modified in a luxurious impression. This large yard design will look more comfortable by adding a decoration of floor surrounding the swimming pool by using gray color design. Actually it will become a part of large home plans that looks so luxurious and elegant.

Soft green color design of water had by water in the swimming pool actually will create a luxurious impression of outdoor swimming pool that had been made in this project. In addition, modern and elegant decoration surrounding swimming pool will make a design of outdoor view to look more contemporary in its design style.

In addition, natural yellow color design of lamp decoration applied in this house will make style of house living to look more stunning and natural. It also becomes a positive value of design in this project.

Natural design of garden that had been modified in a modern and luxurious impression is also made in this project. It is created by applying small stone decoration that is combined with cactus plant decoration that had been arranged artistically with other plant decorations.

Actually it will make a concept of outdoor garden to look more modern, artistic and luxurious such design of large luxury home plans that had been applied perfectly in a house interior.

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