Enchanting Cottage Model Built in the Middle of Pinewoods

Built in the middle of pinewoods, the Cottage Model is really embracing natural nuance for main decoration. In addition, since there are no other cottages or shacks built around it, the cottage is looked so enchanting. In addition, made from pine wood material, the decoration of this cottage is so adorable for living place.

For main material, pinewood is so suitable for living place in the hall because it makes the house warmer. With duplex floor plan applied as main building, the triangle rooftop plan is so suitable for main rooftop plan. In addition, the pinewood material is very easy to be applied for both exterior and interior decoration.

Hence, as Cottage Model Homes, the pinewood material is so compact to be applied along with vintage furniture. However, the vintage furniture is looked so classy because it has adorable outlook with finest material used as main material. Indeed, the main material for the vintage furniture is silk and satin material. Thus, living in this cottage must be so warm since pinewood and authentic furniture are applied as main interior design.

Glass panels that are covered by wooden shutters are looked so enchanting since the glass panels are used as view nook media from interior part of the cottage. To make the cottage becomes warmer, authentic material is also applied for the wall ornament which is brown rug.

Indeed, the brown rug is looked so enchanting because it is perfectly covering the wooden floor. Leather suede sofa that is placed facing the glass panels are indeed really making the interior design of the cottage becomes so enchanting.

With checkered carpet applied as main wall ornament in the kitchen, the modern furniture, such as kitchen cabinet and storage are looked so adorable. In addition, with glossy countertop for kitchen islands, the interior design of this cottage is more complete. Therefore, for Cottage Model Plans, this cottage is the most enchanting living space built in the middle of pinewoods.

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